Providing financial assurance for individuals.

We are officially licensed and certified by federal and state governments to represent the United States residents to recieive benefits.

What We Do?

Committed to help the people we serve to receive government benefits to maintain their basic well-being.


Almost every US worker is part of the retirement plan of Social Security. All qualified retirees ...

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There are Title I benefits administered by the Social Security Administration which refer to ...

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The United States of America has a health insurance program for citizens age 65 or older.

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SSI, which stands for the Supplementary Social Security, is a program that provides ...

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How It Works?

So here are three working steps why our valued customers choose us.


Make an Apointment

Make an appointment for consultation by calling 1.888.777.5050.


Consultation with Legal Representative

In this stage our Legal Reprisentative will listen to your needs and advise the best possible program(s) tailored to your needs.


Submit all Required Docs

Once you sign up with us, our customer care representative will guide you through to receive all necessary documents for successful outcome.


Approval! 🎉

A reprisentative will contact you to inform you about the approval and any steps that follow.

I would like to thank the entire Your Authorized Rep team, especially the Legal Representative, Marine, for helping me to receive the CAPI and IHSS benefits. Frankly speaking, first I thought I could apply myself and receive the benefits after my first consultation with Your Authorized Rep. I confess that I didn’t want to pay their fees, even though they didn’t ask anything upfront except the consultation fee. I did apply, but I was rejected in both places. I just wasted few months of benefits. Thank God, Marine took me in and corrected everything she reapplied. I was rejected again. But this time, Marine and the team fought for me in court and won the case. I have already received my first income, out of which I paid for their fees. Everything worked out really well. I didn’t pay anything out of my pocket except the consultation fee. The rest was paid from the benefits I received. I really recommend this company. They are solid!

Ruzanna B.